Saturday, May 20, 2006

Tautology Vs Real World

After four years of impatient life at SPA, I am getting more impatient to experinece 'the real world' life. I said-"The Real World'' since I have done just a lot of tautology during my 'Bachelor of Planning' programme. Tautological comments about society, about people, about their aspirations...what not ..I think I would have covered whole lot of things to pass in studio reviews each semester. But as we all know - 'Change is the only constant thing in the universe', I am also not left apart. I am also forced to leave the 'tautolohy' world and to enter 'The Real World'. I never wanted to know the complexities and intricacies of real life, real aspirations, realistic society. But I have to........

I always loved to play with planning and development terminologies. That is what I have been taught. Fortunately or unfortunately (I am not sure..) I have been hired by a planning consultancy firm. I don't know what they found in me or they were just relying on my tautology skill. But what will I do, once I join them on 1st June. I am quite apprehensive about my encounter with real life projects (I mean the projects which will be seriously implemented). I am practiced to formulate policy on manipulated data; to propose whatever I wanted with little bit of justification; and to do the things, the way my professors liked. I am not sure whether these things will work again .

May be I will have to learn the same thing very differently than the my graduation programme. Why it happens so? Does it happen only with me or everyone else. Why there cant be "The Real World" in the graduation programme itself. Lets suppose-If it is there, then there will be no change in the life unless one changes the field or profession. And the universal rule of change being constant will not hold true. Just to hold this rule, everyone lives both world-'tautology' and 'The Real World' time to time. For me, now the time has come to change the world. I am to enter 'The Real World'. I am counting days, hours , minute and seconds....and each second is making me more impatient than ever.


amitsinha said...

Good blog , dreams and reality . Nice blog dude , write more , its good for people to read ur blog.

Anonymous said...

gud job bro....seems u r on the path of self realization..though fattebazi abt real n practical world sounds gud... how fattebaji has cripped in ur all veins...can be realized just by readin wat u have written,...thats self explanatory. nyway...i understand the agony and ecstasy of being a planner..but somehow all these things hold true for other professions as well.... planning as a profession is definitely something where u get the chance to change the face of the world...there are dark sides...but why to bother abt that??? i remember i used to make routines everyday till class 8th..but never followed doesnt mean i didnt do well.. wat i think even if u dont execute ur plan adjactely in the way u wanted to.. u change ur perceptions..u tend to think at least before doin smthin else...thats the beauty of planning. the perfection in imperfection is what planning yields.. and even being a perfect imperfectionist shld be considered as a success.... another fattebazi..
but hats off to this profession