Wednesday, June 20, 2007

NOSPLAN Days.........................

I have been associated with National Organisation of Students of Planning (NOSPLAN) for four years (2002-06) and have worked for it at various levels from unit coordiantor to national cordinator. I cherished every single moment of my span with NOSPLAN. I was looking through old folders in my lappy and got stuck with this article, which I wrote way back in February 2005 for the NOSPLAN Souvenir on its annual convention at SPA New Delhi. Here it goes....

“Every new contribution to the world is in the form of ideas in the beginning.” -Ayn Rand
At some point of time in the beginning, NOSPLAN would also have been in the form of ideas. Today we can see the cocoon of NOSPLAN transforming into full-fledged butterfly trying to fly in the vast space of society and receiving nectars from the colorful and brilliant flowers of its peers and professionals. For the first time having the annual convention of NOSPLAN consecutively third time in row gives us a feeling of belief of all the visionaries, who revived the NOSPLAN. We must acknowledge with gratitude the invaluable contribution of all those who have supported and forwarded the mission of NOSPLAN. We feel it would be a good proposition if we use the gathering of planners at this convention to reaffirm the very mission of the NOSPLAN. To confirm the ideals and values of NOSPLAN and to “profess” the vision of future, we need to raise ourselves to this common platform and work together. Is there a list of essential beliefs of a planner for the NOSPLAN? Another question: what is a ‘sketch’ of the NOSPLAN of our dreams? What are the characteristics of that NOSPLAN? What is the outreach or say ambit of that NOSPLAN? How do we contribute to that? Can we be the leaders? Can we plan as well implement that? We must answer all these? We must make choices for the same. The choice we need to make is whether we merely want to exist or do we want to add worth to existence of NOSPLAN, vision of NOSPLAN.

A vision is an articulation of the desired end results in broader terms. NOSPLAN can be built stronger by the imagination and untiring enthusiastic efforts of generations. One generation transfers the fruits to another, which than takes forwards the mission. As the coming generation also will have its dreams and aspiration for the NOSPLAN’s future, it therefore will add something from its side to the vision, which the present generation strive hard to achieve. This process will go on and NOSPLAN will climb steps of glory and gain higher strengths.

The geographical ambit of NOSPLAN can have regional, national and international outreach as well. NOSPLAN can have separate memberships to students, alumnus and professionals. It can have various societies like transport society, environment society, economics society and many others to forward the mission. It can create the platform for internships and placement. It must link and form groups with other organizations like SAYEN (South Asian Youth Environment Network), NSS (National Social Services), WAY (World Youth Association) etc. NOSPLAN must organize not only the annual conventions but also the seminars and competitions in association with other institutions through out the year. NOSPLAN should form an advisory committee comprising of eminent personalities of planning profession to guide at every occasion. There are varied substantial workable options available. We need to enlist and prioritize them.

It is difficult to capture the vision and action in a few words or one or two catchy slogans. As we know dreams and visions are only successful when they are materialized. Investments are not difficult. There is a lot of hard work; synchronization of policies, administrative support and actual fieldwork. This includes taking students and professionals into confidence and reaching the benefits of organization to them.

NOSPLAN has initiated as an interactive and competitive platform, testing the will and skill of its student fraternity. It is this will of its student fraternity that has seen the organization realizing its moments of glory and contemplation. What the NOSPLAN needs at this point of time is a clean direction and a vision for the future, and a concerted and dedicated efforts to achieve the same. Hence it is imperative on each and every one of us; as members, to give in our best, to rededicate ourselves with utmost sincerity, and to look beyond the confinement of our zones.

Planners create dreams for the future. Planning means selling dreams to the public and to the leadership. Sometime we need to plan out dreams, we should dream for NOSPLAN. But it must be a worthy dream. We should take a positivist banner in your hands and let it fly high. We have to take strength in our foundations and in our culture and decide to be the agents of change and the creator of the future. It takes some courage just to hold this fete with an idea in the air; which will create a healthier tribe and we will be better set to give our share toward the great work ahead. It is a time to be happy, to be challenged and to know that we are living in a time when many will run and hide in, while the gifted few take up to challenges in front of everyone. If you take the challenge then you are the gifted one, this is a time to celebrate. Lets maffick!!!!!!!

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